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1. Găsește-ți potrivirea
1. Găsește-ți potrivirea
Alegeți cu cine doriți să discutați
2. Înscrieți-vă
2. Înscrieți-vă
Faceți împreună acordurile pe care le doriți.
3. Luați legătura
3. Luați legătura
Totul este rezolvat. Bucură-te și dă-ți o recenzie unul altuia după aceea!

întrebări frecvente

The range of domestic helpers and customers is constantly being refreshed. You also help yourself with this. Every time a fellow user does not respond to a message from you, his or her ad will be paused.
Yes, it's completely free and unlimited for domestic helpers! Even if you would like to pay as help... it is simply not possible! We've been happy for a long time that you sign up as a help!
You're really not stuck with anything! As a platform for domestic help, you shouldn't want to be sticky yourself, right? We do not have subscriptions or direct debits. As a customer you pay once for unlimited personal contact with all helpers in your area. And as a gift, we will also inform you when new helpers sign up. For example, you make agreements about payments together.
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